Sunday, September 04, 2005

How can we help Katrina survivors?

Here are some locations to consider... and don't forget about Skippy's Challenge below!

My personal recommendations for direct donations:
Network for Good (It's a great organized list of official locations to support assistance with housing, food, books, school supplies, pets and more.)
The United Methodist Committee on Relief
Best Buy (will match your in-store and online donations!)
Liberal Blogs for Hurricane Relief

Recommended by Jerry: American Anglican Council

Lists (includes some duplications):

DC Media Girl's list has phone numbers also...'s Katrina's list Please note that this list includes both charities that meet BBB standards and those that do not meet standards. See below for more information.)
FEMA's list's list includes corporate information and a HUGE list of recommendations...
Craig's List also includes contacts to donate housing and service.

The SKIPPY Challenge! For those of us who BLOG! When you make a donation (anywhere you make it), add one cent to your donation ($100.01, $20.01, etc.) and let everyone know where the donation came from ("blogtopia"). After you donate, let Skippy know! The purpose of this mission is to make a statement that bloggers, whether red or blue or purple or whatever, are AMERICAN and we want to help our fellow AMERICANS. PASS THIS ON!!

Before you donate, is strongly encouraged that individuals check out to determine qualifications and legitimacy of any charitable donations. This resource is provided by the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind, con artists are more than willing to take advantage of our compassion brought out following a tragedy of this magnitude. Make sure your donation is directed to where you want it to be directed, and choose charities who utilize the most of your donation.

As of Sept. 1, FEMA was directing donations to Operation Blessing. The chair of Operation Blessing is M.G. Robertson, aka Marion Gordon Robertson, aka Pat Robertson. Rev. Pat's wife DeDe and son Gordon are also on the board as well. Before you consider donating to Operation Blessing, I strongly suggest you research the individuals and the organization. A couple of places to start: and


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