Monday, December 19, 2005

Do they need small words and pictures too?

Today's media hot discussion is regarding Bush's explanation and justification for his need to eavesdrop and wiretap... he thinks it will help prevent another 9/11...????

Okay, am I the only one who remembers the daily report Rice brought to Bush in Crawford which stated something like... "bin Laden plans to attack US"? Didn't it even mention the use of hijacked planes?

So, if Bush ignores information already provided to him (legally), then what would he do with more?

Considering so many previous explanations used to put us in Iraq have turned out to be less than reliable, I find it really difficult to trust Bush's justifications about anything. This feels "icky", "Big Brother", and a lot like what countries WITHOUT democracy have to deal with in their daily lives...

So here are my requests for our government to prevent another 9/11...
  • Find a President with his/her own brain (not a Rove brain).
  • Provide a cabinet with their own brains, consciences, and voices... do not place puppets in those positions because they know how to suck up.
  • When experts in their fields come to the President with their opinions and suggestions, LISTEN TO THEM. Don't remove them and replcce them with aforementioned SUCK UPS.

This is just a start...I'm sure you can come up with others...?

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Julie in Boise said...

Welcome back, Diana.

You bet. Here's my suggestion: Elect a Congress with the guts to stand up to the president.

Happily, some of our representatives and senators are doing this now. But we needed them to do it three years ago.