Monday, April 17, 2006

Gooding DL Special Guest: Representative Nicole LaFavour

Promoting Democracy One Glass at a Time

Gooding Drinking Liberally has invited Representative Nicole LaFavour (District #19) as a “special guest” at this week’s gathering on Friday night, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Rowdy’s, 227 Main Street.

Representative LaFavour has been a small business owner and educator, in addition to her works involvements in open space preservation, human rights, education, and health care. She was a recipient of the 2001 United Nations Human Rights Day Award from Idaho Voices of Faith for Human Rights as well as named as a "Woman Making History" by the Boise State University Women's Center that year. The citizens who went to Boise to testify in support of the moratorium regarding coal-plants should remember her as the legislator who requested the individual speaking against the moratorium go on record as being paid by SEMPRA for his testimony.
For more information about Representative LaFavour, go to

Gooding Drinking Liberally is an open club consisting of weekly guests and regulars including local politicians and their staffers, political organizers, activists, would-be volunteers and newly interested chit-chatters— all in a casual, inclusive environment. They welcome anyone who wishes to participate in discussion about progressive, liberal topics and concerns. Agreement isn’t required, only respect.
Gooding Drinking Liberally does not require membership, dues, or even drinking… but they do request that participants leave a “liberal” tip for the hard-working servers who strive to ensure the glasses are full of ice tea, soda, or whatever.

For more information about Gooding Drinking Liberally, visit or contact Diana Rowe Pauls at
NOTE: I sent this out as a News Release (along with a more general release)... if you happen to catch any publicity whether in print or broadcast, would you please let me know? I'm curious to see how many will actually run anything because we have two barriers: being liberal AND being in Gooding. I bet 90% of Idaho is trying to figure out where the h*** is Gooding as they hear about the flooding!!

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