Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Keep reminding them about the HUMAN cost of the war

My brother was killed 1 year, 7 months, 1 day ago.

As of today April 4, 2006, US fatalities (that's military-speak for our men and women who were shot, blown up, or otherwise killed) in Iraq now totals 2,343. As I write this, 14 confirmations are "pending". That means that AT THIS MOMENT at least nine families are being notified that their loved one will not be coming home from Iraq. I promise you, that is something that you don't ever want to experience for yourself. Mothers are wailing, fathers are weeping, children are crying, wives are grieving, grandparents are in shock, WHOLE families will NEVER be the same... and our loved one will never be held in our arms again.

The following is being passed around the 'net... I received it from Gold Star Families For Peace. This is from a mom who lost her son in Iraq. Please post it on your blog, pass it on, etc.-- THANK YOU.
Proud sister of Idaho Marine, KIA in Iraq
I hate to keep doing this, but when the numbers go up - I want to make sure that we're not the only ones counting.

Easy way to keep reminding them:

  • Go to http://www.congress.org/.
  • Click "Hand Deliver Your Letters".
  • Plug in your zipcode and click "GO"
  • It will pull up your DC reps.
  • Click the "email" button for each.
  • Subject Line - Number of lost
  • Issue Area - Take your pick
  • Text Box - I put something like "How many more will you kill for the lies and greed of this administration?"
  • Enter your name and Contact Info
  • Make sure "Remember me" is checked
  • Mark the "YES" for posting publically on the website.
  • Enter the CAPWIZ-XC AUTHENTICATION numbers
You can also send one to George, Dick and Laura by choosing Pres & Vic Pres on the left column.
Many people believe that this administration actually "feels our pain". This is the President who schmoozes, rides his bike, vacations, wines, dines, and raises millions of dollars while American families bury their dead soldiers killed in his war -- even when the funeral is being held five miles from the White House.

This is the president who does not have ONE family member serving in Iraq...

This is the president whose own MOTHER doesn't want to acknowledge the rising body count of American citizens who have been sent to war by her son:
“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it’s going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it’s, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”
(ABC/Good Morning America)
We have almost three more years with this man as president... the war is nowhere near being over as long as we allow this to continue. Bush has already stated that the next president will inherit this war...

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