Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is it just me or is Senator Craig still missing the point?

Personally, I think he must be drunk... on power? On Bushy love? Who knows, but how can a sober person come up with this garbage?

For example, check out his current newsletter...

Craig starts out with a survey question:
"To help meet increased demand for oil, should the United States expand responsible oil development to areas currently closed (like ANWR, or the coast of Florida)?"

Excuse me??? What "increased demand"? The one in the United States? I thought it was CHINA's increased demand that was causing the problem! Oh, yes, Americans and their gas-guzzling SUVs and Hummers... that doesn't help either. Hey, I have a BRILLIANT IDEA! Let's start CONSERVING our resources!! Can we try THAT, maybe?

Craig's next item states that:
"Did you know that if former President Clinton hadn't vetoed drilling in ANWR 10 years ago, today it would be producing 1 million barrels of oil per day? The United States ought to be seeking ways to boost energy supplies, not ignore them."

Ummmm, again, may I suggest that we seek ways to CONSERVE energy supplies instead of wasting them? May we seek ways of protecting our beautiful country rather than raping and pillaging it?

This is what he thinks is good news:
On April 21, the federal Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics release its state-by-state employment figures for March. As expected, Idaho's economy maintained its red-hot pace, with unemployment falling even lower, to 3.2 percent, third-lowest in the nation. Access Details to find out what's driving this remarkable economic expansion.

Isn't it great that so many people in Idaho have jobs? Minimum wage (which Republicans have kept to $5.15/hour), low skill (thank you, Walmart), no benefits, but hey, we have JOBS! Tell us how many Idahoans have health insurance, Craig. Tell us how many native Idahoans can afford college, Craig. Tell us how many Idahoans went BANKRUPT last year, Craig... Yeah, we're in GREAT shape, Craig.

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