Friday, April 14, 2006

Local media coverage regarding flooding

Big Wood River Flood {KTVB video -- includes rivers and locals}
Water levels in the Magic Reservoir are on the rise. Lincoln County Commissioner have declared a state of emergency. The area with the highest potential for flooding is where Highway 46 crosses the Big Wood River, north of Gooding. That's where David Gale reports from...
1952 flood photos {Times-News}
Gordon Sorensen's photos of the 1952 flooding and previous flood years of the Big Wood River near his property north of Shoshone.
Magic Reservoir Closer to Flowing Over {KMVT}
As we first told you Tuesday, water managers believe Magic Reservoir could over flow into the Big Wood River. In fact, Big Wood Canal Co. Manager Lynn Harmon said it could happen as early as Wednesday. However, as of 6:00 p.m. Wednesday the water level of the reservoir had risen to within only one foot of the spillway. Harmon said it would be difficult to predict exactly when the overflow could happen and that it all depends on how quickly excess water enters the reservoir.

Gooding Citizens of All Ages Prepare for Worst {KMVT}

With the probability of flooding in Gooding region many area residents of all ages were busy Wednesday.More than 100 Gooding students filled 4,500 sandbags. Most of those students were from Gooding High School but they shared the work with their counterparts from the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind. Eric Rainey, the Principal at Gooding High School says, “We've been out here for two hours today and the students are just so excited to help out. They worked way hard, the county fed them lunch." Rainey says 150 Gooding High School students signed up to help with the sandbagging effort but he could only bring about half of them out along with three teachers.

Kody Cowen is a student at Gooding High School. He says, "Basically it's just important because it comes out, helps the community, and it'll help keep people and their property safe." Cowen says this team effort shows the students work ethic,
and what they can do and that even teenagers can contribute to their community.

Lincoln County braces for flooding {Times-News}
SHOSHONE -- Construction crews will spend today shoring up a section of the Big Wood River channel in hopes of preventing a breach. {read more...}

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