Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another April Fools?

Click to see the new media message to convince the American people that Bush should not be censured or impeached for breaking the law because he is working hard ("It's hard work!") at protecting us! Not only are they attacking Democrats in our efforts to hold Bush accountable for breaking the law and undermining the Constitution, they are now trying to scare Americans into thinking that if Bush is punished, America will not be safe!

This is paid for by the RNC/GOP! UNBELIEVABLE!

By bringing up 9/11, don't you think that we'd be asking the President why he's been distracted by Iraq if he's still trying to protect us from Al Queda/bin Laden? You know, in his promise "to keep America safe"? Don't they realize that most Americans know that Iraq and 9/11 were NOT connected?

Osama bin Laden + terrorists + + 9/11 + ignored advance reports warning of danger of attack on American soil by Al Queda using airplanes = AFGHANISTAN who? SAUDI ARABIA who?

Saddam + no WMDs + no link to Al Queda + no link to 9/11 = WAR IN IRAQ?

Who was the idiot who dreamed up this message?

Thanks for helping us out here, GOP. You've helped us prove our point!

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