Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stop Kempthorne's nomination

As I've mentioned at previous posts (Whispers of Kempthorne, Why Not Shouting? and What Is A Westerner"?), I question whether Kempthorne is the right person for the job as Interior Secretary. Is he truly the right person for the job, or was he selected for his schmoozing talents?

Others seem to have concerns also. If you wish to contact your senator and express your concerns, visit Wilderness Home.

I have absolutely no hope that Idaho's senators would pay any attention, but if you are an Idahoan, at least go through the motions. Otherwise, just pass this on to your friends in other states... maybe THEIR senators would listen to them!

I would also like to remind folks to:
"Go to
and order their recent book, "BOISE'S WATERGATE: University Place and All the Governor's Men". It details (in lurid detail) the true high crimes & misdeameanors of the Kempthorne Administration."


MrEMan said...

Wow, we think alot alike! I posted a link to story at Yahoo on this guy on the threads at C&L the day he got nominated. I googled him and read up on his resume and shenanigans. It's true to form I guess, Kempthorne has just enough "taint" to qualify to work in the Bush Administration. I hope he doesn't make it either, but I am sure he'll sail right past the Dems, smiling and flipping them off along the parade route....

Diana Rowe Pauls said...

I keep thinking that America stood up and spoke out against Harriet Meyers and the port fiasco... if we can educate America about Kempthorne, then maybe folks will stand up again. If we DON'T speak up, then Bush will get away with yet another assault against our citizens because people will just assume that (1) Bush really DOES know what he's doing and (2) a good ol' boy from Idaho will protect our environment cuz he's a "westurn'r". If we can spread the amber alert for Penny Brown across the country in 24 hours, then SURELY we can send out an alert for our air and water?? It's nice to know that you DID catch it earlier! Good job!

MrEMan said...

Mommy, our country has changed in so many ways that somedays it doesn't even look like America anymore. I could go on and on all night long, till I'm blue in the face. You know, I've ranted and ranted to my friends and family about the "high crimes" issues and have actually converted a few. I can at least get them to admit that bush broke the law with the NSA spying program. I asked them to find documentation anywhere that allows the president to circumvent the constitution, the Legislative and Judiciary branches of our government and oh yeah, THE LAW just because we are at war. All Necesarry Means does not mean breaking the law! Ok, whew...I feel better!

I will check out the book you mentioned and perhaps I'll do a post on Boisegate myself. Part of my goal was to cover stories that were just under the MSM and blog radar that could have serious impacts. This is one of them!

Sharon Ullman said...

Boise's Watergate tackles the content of the 600-page Prince report on University Place and the end-run made around Idaho's Constitution in the Ada County Courthouse financing scandal. The players are mostly the same (University Place was just part II of the Courthouse Corridor project), and include a lot of Boise's movers and shakers. The book is much easier to digest than the original documents. Anyone who cares about local, state or national politics owes it to themself to read this book.