Monday, April 17, 2006

Attn: Antiwar and Peace Activists

Here are some positive suggestions on how to encourage more real Americans to agree with you:

1. Please don't think of individual military recruiters as The Enemy. Every enlisted servicemember is a real American trying to do a job. The same goes for junior officers, in some respects all the way up to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5). They don't set policy; they carry it out.

2. If you can, please consider focusing your attention on political leadership. You may wish to consider your Senators' State Offices, Congressional District Office, State Legislators' District Offices, City Hall, etc., because elected officials (in theory) tend to listen to the concerns of their constituents.

3. If you choose to focus your protest against the war on the military recruiting office (which, in your community, may be the only possible location), please go inside to say hello first, just so they know it's nothing personal.

4. Picketing, passing out leaflets, even a bit of (pre-arranged, choreographed) political theater are all great ways of making your point. But attempting to block access just makes you, and your cause, look bad. It doesn't help at all.

5. All of these apply on college campuses, with one bonus: College Republicans and other counter-protesters. If you really want to be patriotic, why not encourage all of those healthy heterosexual men and women who support military recruiters (and the war) to Be A Man! Enlist! themselves? After all, the College Republicans want the military recruiters on campus; why don't they make their visit worthwhile?

Thank you for participating in civil society in our great country.

I found this also at Operation Yellow Elephant and think these are VERY good points...

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