Monday, April 17, 2006

Attn: ProWar and Bush supporters

Attention Pro-War Americans:

Here are some sincere suggestions to help you convince other real Americans to agree with you; most apply to pro-war rallies or counter-protests at anti-war events:

1. Be prepared when speaking to a reporter. If you are a veteran or reservist, make sure the reporter knows that (and writes it down with your name). The same goes if you are in ROTC/OCS/etc., or if you are a parent of any of these.

2. If you were not accepted for military service, or know you are ineligible so why waste the recruiters' time, first tell the reporter it's off the record (that is, not to be published), and then make sure the reporter knows that you at least stepped forward or considered military service yourself. [You don't have to share medical details with the whole country, which is why you specify it's off the record before speaking to the reporter.] Not all recruiters do paperwork when a potential prospect turns out to be ineligible; if you have proof, show it to the reporter, but if you don't, please say so up front. You need to ensure that the reporter knows that you are serious about the policy you are supporting.

3. Assuming none of the above apply to you, be prepared for The Question: You appear eligible for military service and you are here (at this event) to support the war. Have you considered enlisting? It's both legitimate and relevant to the story, so you might as well think about it. When you do, please also seriously consider volunteering for military service yourself. Military recruiters are standing by.

4. If you're not eligible to serve, be prepared for The Other Question: Have you encouraged your eligible relatives and friends, your circles of influence, to consider military service?

6. If, after considering The Question and The Other Question, you have decided that you definitely support the war only if "other people" actually fight it, then please be proud enough to say so, publicly. Some people say that this blog doesn't want people like you to express their opinions. That's not true: We want you to express them to the entire country!

Thank you for participating in our great democracy.

I found this at Operation Yellow Elephant and cannot agree more!


Bubblehead said...

Good post; I served on active duty for 21 years and couldn't stay because of a medical disability, and my son is planning on going to the Naval Academy. I support the Global War on Terror, and the concept of extending it to Iraq, but don't like how it's been executed. How's that? Does my opinion count as much as an anti-war veteran?

Diana Rowe Pauls said...

In my opinion, yes. I would be lying if I said I was completely "anti-war"... I prefer to know that ALL other options were exhausted and we were left without recourse. Not only do I feel that is not the case in our current situation, but I also have serious concerns about the leadership (like who makes the decisions about resources and plans). I would never pretend to be as experienced and as knowledgable as someone who is IN the military but it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or military expert) to figure out that being in Iraq is NOT about 9/11. A misrepresentation of THAT magnitude really destroys my trust level for the administration.

I know that having an opinion like mine makes me sound like a "waffler" or a "flip flopper" but I can't help it. I make decisions based upon the information I have (or lack), the variables involved, and my gut feeling.