Thursday, January 10, 2008

And more silly rumors...

Same disclaimer as earlier...
This is NOT about a particular party or candidate, it's about educating ourselves... if you decide not to vote for Clinton or Barack, at least make that decision based upon the truth... and not lies!!

I'd share misinformation about Republican candidates but haven't seen anything which attacks any of them. If you have one and want to share it, please do and I'll send out clarifications about them as well...KNOWLEDGE isn't red or blue... it's red, WHITE, and blue!!

Regarding "Poor Hillary" or something about the "Clinton's Mortgage Being Covered By Secret Service Payments" or their pensions, go to:

The truth? Here is a snip:
  • All presidents and former presidents are eligible for Secret Service protection and, according to a Secret Service spokesman, the presidents are reimbursed for any area of the home that is used by Secret Service agents. The amount is based on a formula, however, not defined by the homeowner. Based on that formula, Mr. Clinton would be eligible for more than $1,000, but he has declined the money for his New York home.
  • Although the compensation and retirement benefits of members of Congress are controversial, it is not true that Senator Clinton would leave office with her full congressional salary. According to the National Taxpayers Union, the pension for members of Congress varies depending on tenure in office, age of retirement, and the average salary when they left. It can also take other federal service into account. No one, however, leaves office with a pension that equals full congressional salary and especially not after just one term.

    As former president, Bill Clinton does receive a pension, but it is reduced upon his death.

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