Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jim represents Idaho citizens, not PACS

Sali vs. Grant in the 1st Congressional District isn't the only race in Idaho to pay attention to this year. We also need to be aware of the 2nd Congressional District race between Representative Mike Simpson and Jim Hansen.

Check out Jim's website and educate yourself about what he represents for our citizens. If we want change for Idaho, we can't expect it to happen without some hard work and sacrifice from EACH one of us! Jim has come to Gooding twice already to meet with citizens and has several more visits planned in our area. Let him know if you want to set up a house party or help his campaign in any way. He's running his campaign through the PEOPLE and not the PACS, so we need to be there for him and prove that we will no longer support politicians who can be bought...

More about this race is posted at Representative of Idaho or of GOP?

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