Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Loving Our Troops To Death

[I've been offline for a month and have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs etc. One of the topics that is being discussed is how we define "supporting the troops". I've posted my feelings about this and commented elsewhere... but I wanted to share the following, where John does such a great job of expressing how I feel...--drp]

by John in DC - 11/18/2005 10:40:00 PM

"Republicans think that the only way to support the troops is to let them die. That's what this debate is about tonight. If you love the troops, you should sit back, shut up, and watch George Bush and the Republican Congress send them to their deaths in a war that's already been lost.

I admit, I'm simply stupified that the Republicans can be so calloused about our service members. It's becoming increasingly clear that the Republicans don't care about our troops. To them, our soldiers are props in one big propaganda war. That's all. So it doesn't matter if our troops are dying. It doesn't matter if the war was a mistake. It doesn't matter if we're losing. They simply don't care. The war was THEIR mistake and politically they can't admit a mistake. And that's what tonight is about…

[T]he Republicans say our troops don't need arms and legs, and life, they simply need our support. And the Republicans think the best way to support our troops is to send them to their deaths and shut up, even though we all know the cause is lost. And oh yeah, when you send them to war, make sure you don't send enough troops, don't give them the body armor they need, and don't give them any plan for victory.

And when you realize that's what's taken place. And when you realize that's why our troops are dying. And when you realize that the entire war is one big f***ed up mess and that it's not going to get any better, ever. Make sure you shut the f*** up. Because we love the troops."

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