Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dirty little secret?

There is a column by Maureen Dowd in today's Times-News which included something that surprised me... I thought for sure that she had to be making it up!!

So I did some Google research (they are coming to take me away, ha ha!) and actually found documentation that proved that Ms. Dowd wasn't "telling stories"... it's TRUE! It's even listed in her
bio at Wikipedia!

Lynne Cheney's Lesbian Sex Novel
If you look around hard enough on the Web you find some humorous stuff. Everyone knows that our Vice President, Dick Cheney, has a lesbian daughter, Mary, about whom he rarely speaks openly even though the poor girl has to work for his re-election committee. But did you know that Dick’s wife Lynne, wrote a sizzling western novel called “
Sisters” which is filled with hot, steamy stuff like lesbian love, prostitution and rape, and supports a sweeping pro-feminist agenda?

Sisters” was penned in 1981. It’s hard to find a copy today, but Amazon says they will give it a shot for you if you want a copy. [Download your FREE copy HERE.] Like most of the indiscretions of the Bush administration that they don’t want you to know about, “Sisters” will be kept from public scrutiny wherever possible.

P.S. From the excerpts I've scanned and from reading the "reviews" of others, it's probably being kept secret because it is poorly written!

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