Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kempthorne responds...

I’ve received a response from the governor regarding my opinions about alternate ways to assist Idahoans with the increasing costs of energy.

Kempthorne states he wants to help "every resident in the State of Idaho". His mindset must be that families who are building 6000 square foot homes and bringing home six-figure incomes need their $50 as much as those who live in 50+ year old homes and don’t even have health insurance.

He also stated he has established a “clear path” to set aside monies for the future (whose future? children? educators? seniors? Idahoans in poverty? WHO?) and invest in infrastructure. I admit to my mental limitations, because the only thing clear to me is if Idahoans get warm and fuzzy with $50 refunds, then maybe we won’t notice where the rest of the surplus monies go. Am I the only one who isn’t “clear” on his “path”? Am I the only one who struggles with faith in our government’s decisions on how they spend our money?

He also stated that by putting this money back in our hands, we can "control its destiny"... what control do we have if we pay it right back to Idaho Power, Intermountain Gas, and put it in our fuel tanks? That doesn't help us for very long at all. It only helps the CEOs of those corporations. The families who suffer most will continue to suffer after their $50 per person has been spent.

He states people can get assistance for rising energy costs by going to Community Action. Does he not realize that Community Action Agency has such limited funds that they are not able to help all of the families who are considered low-income? Families who ARE eligible to have Weatherization Assistance are on waiting lists for YEARS because of the lack of funding. Ten percent of Idaho citizens live in poverty... but Kempthorne wants the remaining 90% benefit from his plan. Who needs help more? (He must realize low income residents aren’t as likely to vote as the rest of the Idahoans…)

Kempthorne closes by telling me that if I "believe that the money is better spent in another area", I can donate it to whatever cause or charity I choose.

Well, Mr. Kempthorne, I "choose" to have my government cut out the "middleman" and take care of our neediest residents to help them meet their energy costs.

If you want a copy of Mr. Kempthorne's letter, e-mail me and I will send it to you. SUBJECT: "Kempthorne" so it doesn't get confused with spam!

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