Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For Sale: Idaho

We know that we are in debt... Iraq, Katrina, etc., has immeasurably damaged our country financially in addition to the personal damage to our citizens. I recognize that sacrifices will need to be made in order to get America back into financial shape and stability.

But, as we enter another political season, with some repeat offenders representing us in Boise as well as in Washington DC, we need to remember that some politicians believe that selling off our public lands the answer to their problems.

Is this really in Idaho's best interest? And will we REALLY know what the money will be used for? National debt? Katrina? Iraq?

Simpson's plan seems to be in limbo now, but has it really gone away? Or will new deals be made? Can we trust Otter and Kempthorne to stand up and protect our lands? Simpson tried to sell his project by promising that the money is to be earmarked for "rural schools" --which appeals to many Idahoans considering our concerns about education. But we need to remember that the federal government has already failed to make the originally agreed-upon payments for prior land agreements! They've shown they can't be trusted to pay Idaho's children what they've promised... and we want them to sell our children's heritage? Is this worth it?

For those of us in the Magic Valley, did you know that one of the proposed sections for sale was "the 10,701-acre L-shaped tract [that] runs east from the Little Camas Reservoir and north to Anderson Ranch Reservoir, and then east again to Salix Creek 20 miles west of Fairfield." I can't find a current reference to this parcel, but it was listed at one time. Please don't support any project like this if you don't know which lands are being sold! Or you will end up mapping your future hunting/camping/fishing/etc. trips around private (second) homes and "No Trespassing" signs...

Here are some articles to read... become informed and speak up!
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Idaho Mountain Express
Western Democrat
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Stand Up and Oppose CIEDRA Wilderness Bill
More articles and postings...

Contact your representatives and tell them that Idaho is not for sale!
Write letters to the editor as well. Educate Idahoans about what our government has planned for our recreational lands!

We can't afford to take our eyes off the ball in this game, folks...

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