Monday, January 15, 2007

Show us your commitment, Bush!

A chicken and a pig went for a walk around the farm. As they passed the farmer's window, they noticed a wonderful breakfast prepared for the farmer and his wife sitting on the breakfast table. As they peeked closer they noticed ham and eggs on the plates.

The pig and chicken were silent for a moment as they took in the impact of what they saw. Finally, looking at the eggs and prideful of her contribution, the chicken said, "Now that was a sacrifice!"

The pig looked at the ham on the plate and finally turned to the chicken and said, "Yes, for you it is a sacrifice. But for us it is total commitment!"

So, go ahead, George, keep blathering on about how you are committed to "staying the course" to victory in Iraq. I know you are a chicken. I know your whole family and your whole administration is chicken. You have NO clue as to what "commitment" means.

More at "Prove Your Commitment to the Cause, George."

Also previously posted at 43rd State Blues...

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