Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dropping the ball in Idaho...

Letter to the Editor sent to Times-News, March 21, 2007 originally posted March 2007.

Representative Simpson recently stated that “We must continue to support the troops and provide them with the resources they need to do the job so they can return home safely.”

However, this week he joined other Republicans opposing a requirement for our troops to be properly prepared for their mission and protected with armor.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering his record of supporting veteran issues and concerns. In 2006, Simpson received a “C” from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and a 66% rating from Disabled American Veterans. (He improved from 2003-2005--where he was rated ZERO each year.)

Senator Craig recently published a statement distancing himself from the Walter Reed situation. After reading it, one might conclude Craig is committed to veteran’s issues. It might be shocking to learn IAVA gives Craig a D- last year. DAV rated him 20% (2005 = 42%, 2004 = 0%). The Retired Enlisted Association also gave Craig a 0% rating for 2004.

Unfortunately, Senator Crapo repeats the pattern. In 2006, IAVA gave Crapo a D. Crapo followed Craig’s footsteps, earning the exact same scores from DAV during 2004-2006. Another repeat in 2004 with a 0% rating from TREA.

Idahoans need to ask themselves if this is acceptable. As our troops return from the Middle East, they will need our support. We cannot continue to slap happy yellow ribbons on our cars and claim we’ve have done our duty for our military. The Walter Reed situation proves that Americans have dropped the ball. We need to be involved, informed, and vigilant. We need to demand accountability from our representatives. If we fail that, we have failed our country and the men and women who so bravely and faithfully give so much of their lives in our name.

They deserve better from us.

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