Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is what we wanted... now do we have the stones to support it?

Probably not.  Most cry out to reduce deficit... but as long as someone ELSE is impacted.  Don't cut our Medicare or our Social Security, don't raise our taxes or age of retirement, don't cut defense or other programs.

Well, welcome to the grown-up world, folks.  When we have to tighten our budget at home, we have to cut back on our expenses... our lattes, our nights out, our movie channels, our cuts of meat, our brand of food or clothing.  We have to increase our income... the second job (or third in some families), change jobs, go back to school.

In other words, it hurts.  Our egos, our energy, our fun times.

But that is the price we have to pay for our lack of planning, our overspending, our indulgences, our poor choices, and/or our neglect in observing that we were on a runaway train.

$4 trillion in deficit cuts proposed

UPDATE: I'm not saying that I want our Social Security cut... all I'm saying is that our debt is out of control and in order to make our country strong again, it's going to take all of us sacrificing together. Every adjustment is going to cost somebody. 

And, as cold as this sounds, WE are the ones who are responsible (even if we didn't vote for Bush or support the war or whatever) for the current debt... NOT OUR CHILDREN. We should be the ones who get our country back on track so future generations don't have to deal with the consequences of our apathy, our stupidity, our ignorance, our egos, etc. They deserve a strong America with a healthy economy.   This is America's "death tax" that we are expecting our children to pay?  I don't think so...

We broke it, we fix it.

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