Wednesday, November 03, 2010

While some are patting themselves on the backs... not fool yourselves into thinking that this was about the Republicans and that Americans have spoken.

This was not about how your plan was better (what f***ing plan??  It was a joke!).

This was not about President Obama ruining our country (even though many Americans with anal-cranial obstruction syndrome seem to slurp up the vomit you've been regurgitating for them).

This was not about a sincere desire to return to the glory days of Bush.

This is a testament to how successful the Republicans, the Mad Hatters--excuse me, TEA PARTIERS, Faux Noise, and all of those blathering idiots are at stirring up fear, hatred, and anger in the least informed of our citizens.  You want to keep them stupid and you succeeded.

So, if THAT is something to be proud of, then be proud.  Because that is what your victory is all about.  Ignorance, fear, and misplaced anger.   I hope your God is impressed because mine is not.

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