Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mike Simpson: Protector of Idaho

Just surfing around and I discovered this comment on another blog in reference to Mike Simpson and his Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act of 2004:
The bill looks to me to be no more than a land give-a-way to County seats that may then turn around and sell each block conveyance to interested private parties for development.

When will people start to realize that this land, the land in question in this bill, is their land? Visit it or not, its ours! Mike Simpson can't decide to sell it, it is not his. The whole damn Congress shouldn't have that power. When we elect folks who make it plain that they intend to take what is ours and give it away at the first opportunity we jeopardize our future and our legacy.

This is not a party problem, and it is not a problem with the political system if you ask me. Plain and simple it is a personal problem. Americans are lazy bastards it's true, but imagine how angry any one of us would get should Mike Simpson come along and give away a chunkk of anyone's back yard? Not my back yard!

Is their no indignation over such foolhardiness because the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act of 2004 doesn't contain a provision for back yards in Boise?

So, while Idahoans expect our public servants to understand and respect our way of life and to protect our interests, Simpson focuses on raping and pillaging our natural resources?

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