Sunday, May 07, 2006

Si Sue Puede!

In Spanish, "Si Sue Puede!" means "Yes We Can!" This is often the rallying cry for many Hispanic issues, but I don't think they'd mind if Idaho Democrats borrowed it!

Because, even though our state is one of the few remaining states which still approve of Bush (53% approval, #3 in the nation as of April 2006) and our legislature is lopsided with Republicans, we CAN make change happen this November.

I checked out Larry Grant's blog , which led me to Daily Kos, which also provided the link for The Hill... I strongly encourage all Idaho Dems to check them out! Read warm fuzzies like:
  • "The Republicans have six candidates running to succeed Otter, and they are busy taking potshots at each other with every opportunity. "
  • "The six-way race to win the Republican nomination in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District has turned into a full-fledged family feud, fraught with intraparty tensions and resentments."
  • "In short, Bill Sali would make an excellent Representative for the Republic...the People's Republic of China, that is. I think I'm right in saying that while being an insensitive ass isn't a 1st Amendment violation, it still makes you an insensitive ass."
  • "Robert Vasquez, a County Commissioner whose slogan, if you go to his website, is: "Secure our borders - Secure our future". He is on record as stating that the greatest problem in America is not Iraq, not the Economy, not even "The War on Terror". It's keeping immigrants out of the country. Think of him as an Idaho version of Pat Buchanan."
  • "Sali and Vasquez have raised more than 70 percent of their money from outside of Idaho."
  • "Larry Grant, a former executive with Idaho’s largest employer, Micron Technology, is the best-funded Democratic candidate."

So, fellow Dems, "Si Sue Puede"!!

I realize that Larry Grant is running for 1st Congressional District and Gooding is in the SECOND Congressional District, but we are all Idahoans. It is critical that we are aware of Larry's campaign and express our support throughout the state to our voting friends in Larry's district!

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