Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator Larry Craig: Hypocrite?

It is too sad that our fellow citizens are more afraid of homosexuals than they are of hypocrites and liars...

Press Release: Gay activist calls on Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig to "be proud of who you are" {gee, I think I missed it being published in the Times-News...}

"...let the people decide on their politicians based on truth, honesty, and openness." {Includes interviews from 1982 scandal news coverage}

It's being discussed everywhere but Idaho, it seems...

"Scads of right-wing bloggers are scandalized and outraged today because it has been reported that GOP social conservative Senator Larry Craig routinely engages in anonymous sex with men. Why, they are just furious that anyone would introduce issues of someone's private sexual affairs into the public arena, and particularly can't believe that someone would try to use a person's homosexuality as a political weapon. Most movingly, they lament that exploiting private sexual behavior this way will drive good people out of political life."
Well, gee, how hypocrital can they get? For more, see what Glenn Greenwald has to say...

In addition, I highly recommend watching the response from Barney Frank (D-MA) when Bill Maher directly asked him about it. It's PRICELESS!! It's also discussed here...}

I've previously posted how I feel about hypocrisy, so this isn't meant to be an attack against Larry Craig specifically... just hypocrites in general:
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