Friday, March 10, 2006

Heterosexuals ONLY

An UPDATE regarding what we can do to protect Idaho from reducing a segment of our population to second class citizens has been posted at 43rd State Blues.

A Blast inspired by the past
That Sticker on Your Bench
By Shea Andersen, 3-08-06

Coffee-sippers and Downtown walkers took notice quickly: As of Monday this week, Boise had a smattering of new signage. But the new labels that have popped up around the city are a lot more pointed and politically-charged than any others.

The neatly-printed signs, in fact, look familiar to anyone with a sense of civil-rights history: in clear print on white backing, they read: "heterosexuals only," and they've been slapped onto park benches and chairs, and also, notably, in several spots in the Idaho State Capitol.

The reference is clear: the signs harken back to the days when "colored people" had their own drinking fountains and bathrooms. The new context is the
recent vote by the Idaho Legislature to bring to voters a proposed constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

The Idaho Statesman caught the stickers, and ran
their story on it.

You can read
a longer interview with the anonymous sticker-makers at the Boise Weekly.

Last I heard, some of the stickers were getting peeled off by business owners. But don't be surprised if more crop up.

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In addition, I also am questioning the ethics and sincerity of our legislators as now they conveniently claim to have a desire to honor the wishes of Idaho citizens.

Where were they four years ago?

Oh, yes... they were OVERRIDING the decisions of Idaho citizens!*

If Idaho citizens vote against the ban, will they over-ride it again?

*I included a list of legislators who repealed the term-limits initiative in 2002 who are STILL in office in 2006.

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It's good to see people are talking about this. I hope we see some more unconventional activism regarding the proposed amendment as November draws nearer.

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