Saturday, March 18, 2006

All foam, no beer.

Previously posted at We Have Failed Our Duty As Citizens but important enough to me to bring it up again. As Democrats are considering censure, impeachment, or somehow putting a halt to the disastrous downward spiral of government integrity and ethics, as well as the increasing number of assaults upon America's freedoms and our unbelievable/unacceptable debt, AND the continous refusal to acknowledge the insanity of continuing the war in Iraq... (gee, where do I stop? ), we must acknowledge that the leader of our country may be unstable. We owe it to our country, our military men and women, and our children to open our eyes to see and open our mouths to speak up. "The Emperor has no clothes...!"
In several posts at We Have Failed Our Duty As Citizens, I've made references to the fact that I personally think that Bush is unbalanced--quite frankly he scares me. I've included a reading list in this blog which recommends White House Diary of a Sociopath and Of Course He Is a Psychopath ... .

I just found yet more references... which really reflect my own (untrained) impressions (that gut feeling). "Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides" contains items which are so outrageous that I truly pray that it isn't accurate. In another column, "Is Bush Out of Control?" contains a statement included which I consider especially accurate (IMHO):
...Dr. Frank diagnosed the President as a “paranoid meglomaniac” and “untreated alcoholic” ...

It's nice to find some confirmations to what my gut has been telling me for over five years!

[P.S. I strongly recommend reading other essays by Doug Thompson... he calls it like it is...]

UPDATE: Bush's mental state and alcoholicism is now even being discussed by Chris Matthews...

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