Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can't win with these people!

I would like to introduce you to two women in my town of Gooding.

One of them I've already mentioned in my blog, as she is the "compassionate conservative" Christian from my church who sent me that critical e-mail (asking me to pray and to stop hurting everybody with my political propaganda, etc.) after the Candlelight Vigil. I will call her "Bonnie" to protect her identity as she has only attacked me in private.

The other woman is Kathy Rooney. I will tell you HER name because she was willing to have her letter to the editor published in our local weekly. She and I started talking a couple of years ago regarding another local issue and, even though we have different philosophies, we could still have interesting discussions. Until the Candlelight Vigil. After the article came out in the Times-News, she also sent me a very angry e-mail with the usual Republican rant of how I'm unAmerican and dishonoring my brother, etc., and I was never to speak to her again.

Jump forward seven months.

After the news release came out in the Times-News about the start of Gooding Drinking Liberally, "Bonnie" (the Christian) became quite upset and has told others in my church about how angry she is at me. I truly doubt that she is concerned that I have developed a drinking problem or that she is praying for my soul. I guess she only wants me to stop causing her pain by reminding her that not everybody believes the way she does. Not that I've ever initiated any Democratic, liberal, antiBush, pro-peace discussions with her or even on church property... maybe she feels that she must protect the whole town of Gooding from my pagan influence or something.

As a result of her actions at my church and similar misperceptions, I wrote a letter to the editor to both the Leader and the Times-News in an attempt to clarify the situation. However, in order to satisfy "Bonnie's" needs, I upset Kathy.

Here is HER letter to the editor published in the Gooding County Leader:

An Opinion On Drinking Liberally

After reading the letter to the Editor by Diana Pauls in the March 16 paper, I couldn't help wondering if the prose was supposed to be tongue in cheek or serious. My reaction was total hilarity. It seems as if she were trying to reach three different groups of people about something that very few even care about.

When I first heard of "Drinking Liberally", I thought that the play on words was amusing and was somewhat surprised as I didn't think the far left possessed senses of humor. But then Diana had to make it even more amusing by having to explain the obvious to us. It certainly seemed condescending on her part but, to whom was she addressing? First the implications were that the conservative community would take umbrage at "drinking liberally".

That would imply that all conservatives practice "drinking conservatively" which, in my experience, definitely is not the case. I do admit that the whole idea of the "drinking Liberally" group did get some rather loud guffaws but these people that I encountered were not laughing at the message, but at the messengers.

The real conundrum is why Diana had to reassure everyone that she and her group are "good Christians" (making me think that is a prerequisite for joining the group) and had to divorce herself from the mainstream Democrat party. Possibly the party wanted to divorce the group. I'm sure that everyone wishes "Drinking Liberally" well in their networking as Long as not too many doorbells will be ringing in Gooding.

So, life will go on and nobody will care about the "Drinking Liberally" group and the only difference will be that some conservatives may be "drinking liberally" on Friday nights at another bar.

You might even find some people from the educational community there as they will probably feel safe that some "liberal Drinker" isn't lurking outside taking down their license plate numbers. But, that is another story in a very long saga of overly zealous causes.

Kathy Rooney


"Bonnie", please call Kathy and explain to her why you were upset so because she seems to be very confused about it. Or Kathy, will you call "Bonnie" and explain to her why it isn't any big deal? Maybe she'll find it as hysterical as you do. Just leave ME out of your psychotic, control freak mental issues.

If anybody would like to respond to Kathy's letter, send it to Gooding County Leader.


Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Thank you, Aimee, for this response (posted at ):

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” Kathy Rooney’s recent opinion of a letter by Diana Pauls certainly illustrates that point.

Diana Pauls has a history of supporting the Gooding community through various service organizations other than the progressive group. She is an intelligent, well-intentioned person who has much to offer our town and her letter was a sincere attempt to correct local misconceptions.

Yes, the “far left” does have a sense (not senses) of humor. Rooney should learn that cloaking unnecessary nastiness and even threats of lost business with witticisms a 10-year-old could relate to is not a sense of humor.

For someone who predicts that “nobody will care about the ‘Drinking Liberally’ group,” she has expended no little energy spouting off about it.

Rooney couldn’t resist an opportunity to accuse the “far left” of questionable practices honed to perfection by this administration. Besides, knowledge would take a little investigation on her part and turning off Fox. A good portion of the country is awakening to the danger we are in; others must think they will be “swept up” instead of “swept out” as Dubya has in mind for them.

Rooney’s statement that drinking conservatively “in my experience, definitely is not the case” was entirely unnecessary. I could have guessed.

Aimee New

Diana Rowe Pauls said...


Dear Editor,

I know that in Gooding things come to a boil faster than you can say "Scat!" but I wanted to throw in a couple of pennies worth of observation about the Drinking Liberally group and the state of the state and nation.

Driniking Liberally is not a drinking society nor is it for clowns to make fun of. It is a group of concerned citizens who, after digesting all information that can be gleaned from all sources, not just the red state pablum, they discuss it and use it as talking points to neo-cons and other folks who just would like to know exactly where their country is really going.

Am I going to fast for you Mrs. Rooney?

Anyway, I have discovered, since moving down here in Sin City USA (Las Vegas, Nevada), just how missinformed I was up there in Idaho especially since nearly every newspaper in South Central Idaho is owned by Lee Enterprises and gives a very conservative view to those willing to swallow it. It would not be so bad if the news was indeed reported fairly and balanced in truth, but it most assuredly is not. Nor is Fox news the epitomy of honesty.

Drinking Liberally participants mostly don't even drink. They are interested in truth. They do not bash each person that does not agree with them, either. They leave that to the conservative right. They are the ones who seem to be experts at it.

Have an informed day watch C-Span for the real news. Eat organic foods and not CAFO products with the steroids and pesticides in it. You will have a better life.

Jim Hyder

5145 Kell Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89156

Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Letter published in GCL supporting Kathy:

Two thumbs up for letter
In response to last week's letter submitted by Kathy Rooney. Two thumbs up! Hats off to you for an ace in the hole.
Melody Knox

For more, see "Poor pathetic confused people..."