Tuesday, March 28, 2006

These poor pathetic confused people...

When I first read it, I started laughing.

But after a minute, I pitied the author. She is so ignorant that she just doesn't get it.

BACKGROUND:   During a LTE back and forth about politics where I (a liberal) was being criticized by others (conservatives), another letter basically stating "thumbs up" was sent in by someone I knew personally (NOT A FRIEND) in support of the conservative who vehemently disagreed with me.  The intent of that letter was less supportive of the conservative's position and more to get a dig into me... but oh, how it actually backfired... and they are both too ignorant to see it.

This was my response to the poor pathetic fool who just doesn't know any better...

*****, you just don't understand that the Republicans hate everything your life represents. They object on moral and religious grounds your right to use legal abortion as a method of birth control. They want to eliminate the illegals/immigrants who have fathered two of your children (and the twins you aborted). They wouldn't understand why you do not have custody of your third child. They resent paying to house your oldest two children as guests of the correctional system. They wouldn't approve of your "living in sin" and having children out of wedlock. They want to take away the social services which have supported you as an uneducated single parent. I'm glad you have bettered your life, but did you access financial aid for your education? Republicans are slashing those resources as well.

*****, I won't pretend to know (the conservative) well, but from many of the conversations that she and I have had in the past, I have a pretty good idea that she would consider you something to scrape off the bottom of her shoe. If you continue to support people like (the conservative), you are going to support removing all of the resources that have helped you to be where you are today. Unfortunately, not only do you represent the type of American despised by conservatives but people like you also make it more difficult for liberals to fight for the rights that you've abused. In addition, I truly doubt (the conservative) would appreciate your "thumbs up".

I pity you for your ignorance.

As much as I find your letter amusing, I also find it pathetic. You are a poster child for Republican arguments against social programs and you don't even realize it.

[Edited 12/16/2006 and again 04/3/2016]