Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Idaho vet/blue blogger

I have been trying to regularly check the other liberal/democrat/blue blogs from fellow Idahoans and I found Alan's the other day. He has two blogs which I thoroughly recommend that others check out.

His first blog MREater is his military blog and reflects upon his deployment experiences. I cannot give it justice with my own words-- please read it for yourself. He shares his views not only as a soldier but also as a human being. He's compassionate, funny, honest, and very perceptive of what others (soldiers, Iraqi's, etc.) are going through. So far, my favorite funny line is:
"After the sheik’s wife took over and cooked up lunch, which took about two hours from baa to being served."
For those of us who are NOT in the military, please don't pass up this opportunity to learn about their experiences through the eyes of someone who has been there. I know that we are all busy with our own blogs and lives, etc., but if our Idaho Guard can sacrifice 18 months of their lives for our country, then we can take the time to read this one blog to see what they had to go through. It is fascinating reading.

His second blog is Idablue with posts consisting of astute observations of current issues and concerns which, in my opinion, stimulate thought and discussion. I look forward to reading more of his posts.

"I am told that only one person has escaped from our D Cell; the midget, and during his escape he ended up naked. You'd think a naked Iraqi midget would easy to spot, but I was told that he was never captured."

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