Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kissin' a** achieves more than a brown nose...

This is not just an Idaho issue... Americans who are concerned about how this administration nominates "qualified" (?) individuals to cabinet/Supreme Court/etc. posts and comes up with questionable programs for solving our health care, economy, education, environment, and homeland security issues should pay CLOSE attention to the current nomination of Idaho's own "Governor Rogaine" (loved that name!) to the position of Interior Secretary.

Keep in mind that this is the same administration who accomplished the following (thank you to Make Them Accountable):
Inexperienced 28-Year-Old Bush Staffer Appointed to Critical Homeland Security Post
The Bush administration has appointed 28-year-old former White House staffer Doug Hoelscher as the executive director of the Homeland Security Advisory Committees.
In his new position, Hoelscher will gather expert advice “on behalf of the president and the Homeland Security secretary” from 20 other advisory boards covering “key areas of homeland security, including threats to infrastructure and preventing terrorist attacks that use weapons of mass destruction.” His experience?

Hoelscher has no management experience, a review of his professional credentials shows. He came to government in 2001 as a low-level White House staffer, arranging presidential travel, according to news reports. He earned $30,000 a year, salary documents show…
But back to Kempthorne...

Idaho bloggers and others are expressing their concerns and opinions... I won't pretend to know enough about the issues to write more here--that would be redundant and foolish! However, I do encourage all Americans to pay attention to this nomination... become informed and share your opinions with others--including YOUR representatives and senators! I would like to also pass on this reading recommendation:
"Go to and order their recent book, "BOISE'S WATERGATE: University Place and All the Governor's Men". It details (in lurid detail) the true high crimes & misdameanors of the Kempthorne Administration."

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Not that this has anything to do with protecting our interior, but I did find it quite interesting that a Republican (you know, the political party with the direct line to God, unlike us pagan liberals) would be rumored to have a mistress who has borne a child by him! I'm SO disappointed! (And surprised also! Gosh! So much for Idaho and "family values"!)

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