Thursday, March 09, 2006

Conversation on Main Street in rural Idaho

(I was reading a post at Idablue today about Right Leaning Media and decided to share my "Moment of Zen" in our little town...)

A funny (?) thing happened to me today...

I was out and about in town and a business owner (who I don't really know well but he may know me by name as I have been doing business there lately) brought up "news programs" to me.

He was trying to insist that Fox news was the most balanced of all of the news channels. He made that statement several times and then would look at me as if waiting for my response. He didn't seem angry or threatening, it was actually a pretty casual conversation. Just "chit chat".

I said something like "if you say so"... not in a challenging tone, but just like a dumb-blonde type of response. I didn't want to get into an argument with him and didn't quite know how to respond otherwise.

Anyway, I couldn't help but wonder... did he know who I was? There was a recent article in the paper about the Gooding DL that we are starting up and my name was listed as a co-host... did he recognize my name and was wondering how I would respond to him? Was he TRYING to start an argument? With a CUSTOMER?

I don't know... but it was a weird moment... I wonder what will happen next time I go to his business...

Maybe I'm just paranoid... I must be just imagining things... like those men hiding in the trees with binoculars, the cars with tinted windows parked down the block, and that strange clicking noise on my phone.

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