Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gooding DL: Second Meeting ROCKED!

I am pleased to report another wonderful turnout for our meeting on Friday, March 10. There were fourteen in attendance, which I think is pretty fantastic for our area and the fact that it was only our second meeting (on top of the fact that we've had some difficulties with publicity). Alan from Idablue stopped by on his way through the area and another person came from Buhl. In addition, Donna Pence (Representative, District #25) was able to join us after a long week in Boise. Adding these people (who made such an effort to be there) along with the others (who have shared their passion, their curiousity, and their committment to democracy) is an awesome start to building a foundation for some liberal democratic progressive grassroots networking in Gooding!

Craig Cooper and Jim Hansen were our "special visitors" for the evening. They both had some intense schedules for the prior two days, so I really appreciate that they were able to join us. And both stayed as long as the rest of us did, neither leaving until about 9:30pm... I'm sure they were exhausted.

My own impression from the evening is how fortunate we are to have two intelligent, rational, and committed candidates to choose from in the Primary. I hope that everyone becomes familiar with their positions on the issues so we can share what we know with others and make an informed decision at the polls. Both of them are wanting their campaigns to be "of the people, by the people", so if you wish to donate to their campaigns (even if it's $5... they'd rather have $5 from 1000 Idahoans than $5000 from one lobbyist), check their websites for donation information. Keep in mind that the other candidate is the Republican incumbent who could probably pick up the phone and receive millions in campaign donations--so ask yourself... can you afford to send a donation or can you afford a continuation in the same type of representation you've been receiving so far?

In addition, they would appreciate assistance with canvassing (going door to door and helping inform our neighbors about the candidates) and houseparties (open house with your friends and families to introduce them to the candidates). Again, check out their website for more information and to let them know of your interest in helping them out.

To summarize, I appreciated all of those in attendance for doing their part in creating an environment where we can share our concerns and opinions, learn about current issues and the "system", and laugh with each other. I had fun and hope they all did also.

MUCH APPRECIATION to the other liberal, democratic, progressive bloggers in Idaho for your support and promotion!
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{If I missed one, let me know!}

[DISCLAIMER: I have many skills, but "note taking" isn't one of them! To those who attended the meeting, PLEASE feel free to add your thoughts, observations, clarifications, and corrections!]

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