Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a dark day in Idaho...

The Sniff Test posted exactly what I'm thinking...

"Good that the state rejected Howard Rich's land grab proposition 2.'ve really swallowed the Kool Aid on Risch's tax shift from wealthy to middle class property owners. And, getting nervous about the election, Risch has PROMISED to take the sales tax off groceries (an idea Democrats proposed a couple of legislative sessions ago...but the Rs wouldn't even discuss it.)

Listen up, Idaho media. Listen up, you brain dead voters who never pay attention until you've received 50 GOP robo-calls that get you marching off to the polls like so many lemmings. Hold him to it. Mark February 15th on your calendar. Ask yourself if Risch has made good on the promise. That should be about halfway through the 2007 legislative session. Then call his ass every day until you get sales tax relief on groceries. Let's see if Little Jim keeps his promises.

Stupid bigots dragged their knuckles to the polls long enough to pass the marriage amendment... Just remember: all those rights you voted away for gay couples also won't go to hetersexual co-habitors. The fine print on that bill spells it out clearly: there are couple rights IF you go and get hitched. No more recognition of civil unions. I'm predicting it will take a couple of decades for Idaho to get over its homophobia. our Superintendent of Public Instruction race and our controller races, I am taking real exception to you moronic pieces of excrement passing as human beings who went to the polls today with no clear idea of the candidates' qualifications or positions on anything other than you were going to vote Republican no matter what.

The trends are looking very bad for controller candidate Jackie Groves Twilegar...a woman with a masters degree in finance... because you knuckle-dragging, troglodyte lemming voters HAD to vote R...for the woman with a GED. No corporation on earth would choose Donna Jones to manage that much money over a Jackie Groves Twilegar.

And, in your slavish devotion to the Republican Koolaid, you gave far more votes to a man to run our public schools who couldn't even get hired to teach in one because he simply doesn't have the qualifications.

Are you out of your minds? Just stupid? Come on. Admit it. You didn't bother to read or pay attention to ANYTHING about the candidates before you voted.

Proves my point: huge numbers of Idahoans are so brainwashed, they'd vote against Jesus if you put a D after his name on the ballot. Satan would scrape out a win if he had the R after his name. It's an Idaho thing. Shame on you people. I hope the half-educated kids end up taking care of you when you're in the nursing home."

{Gee, and most of those nursing homes are run by Dan Adamson... serves them right.}

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