Thursday, November 02, 2006

Want to look good in a bikini? Get an abortion!

Bill Sali thinks women have abortions in order to look good in a bikini...??
Is it just me or is that really what women focus on when they are considering their options? I don't think that having an abortion is every young girl's dream!

Seriously, folks, if Sali is elected to Congress, Idahoans will be missing the days of white supremacists--because those were the days we could say "They don't represent ALL Idahoans!"

But if elected, Bill Sali WILL represent all Idahoans and, quite frankly, that should scare the daylights out of us...

I won't have the opportunity to vote for Larry Grant... so PLEASE, if you know people who DO live in the 1st Congressional District, TALK TO THEM! Let them know that they should not vote Republican just to support their party! They are IDAHOANS first!

Support Idaho... vote for Larry Grant!

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