Saturday, November 11, 2006

Post-Election Thoughts

Where is my Idaho?
"Idaho has always been conservative, in fact borderline libertarian, but there was a time when they could smell bullsh*t a mile away. What has happened to my Idaho?"

Nanny 911 to the Rescue
"This week, the American people finally reached their breaking point. They finally had had enough. They finally realized that their household was out of control, and that they needed to bring in someone who could do something about it."

Nationwide attention to Idaho's insanity has begun:
Still Crazy After All These Years: The nuttiest congressional district in America keeps its reputation intact.
The rest of America may be hungry for common-sense centrists who'll change the tone and solve the country's problems. But in Idaho, voters looked at the extremism of the last six years and said, "Bring it on," "Stay the course," and "Full steam ahead!"

"Hacking Democracy" on HBO
{Program it, tape it, go to a friend's house... but WATCH it if you will be showing repeatedly throughout November. I recognize that this year's election was mostly in Dems favor, but I can't help but wonder if this was even in spite of any shenanigans occurring in our election system. If those who try to alter the system just didn't quite alter it enough...? I know, I know, pretty paranoid thinking... but still...}
"Well, it's pretty symbolic: our democracy is literally lying in the dumpster. These are things that if the government was really running elections, and they weren't privatized, we would have a right to that information. We would have a right to know where every penny went that had anything to do with our elections. It's amazing that we have to dig it out of a dumpster to find out. "