Thursday, August 25, 2005

Letters to Bush via The Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman asked readers to write letters to Bush, send them in, and the paper would publish them. Some are HILARIOUS, some make very good points, and some make you want to cry (because the writer is so STOOPID!). Overall, the letters give me great hope for our state!

Here is an example of one funny letter (it made me snort!):

Questions for the president:

1. How come every time we get a president from Texas, the price of oil goes through the roof?

2. What will you and your administration do if China moves to reclaim Taiwan?

3. Mr. President, can you point to Iraq on the map?

4. How come you are the only person in your family who talks like a hick?

5. When gas costs $6 a gallon, will you consider adding three more hours to daylight saving time, or will you simply raise the air-pressure guidelines for tires?

6. When gas goes to $10 a gallon, which oil-producing country are we going to invade?
Jim Spicka, Boise
Great job, Jim!! More are available online!

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