Friday, August 26, 2005

Withdrawal Pains: Recovering from Dope

Polls show a majority of Americans have had it with George W. Bush and the war. While I’m usually wary of such reports (especially since in the last two American presidential “elections”, exit polls, which for decades were unfailingly accurate, have been so strangely incorrect), I nonetheless think these numbers reflect some truth.
If so, there has (finally) been some consciousness-raisin’ goin’ on in our beleaguered, buggered nation, which means, in turn, that as people horrifyingly begin seeing the blood on their hands, America’s collective stress level will continually elevate ever higher....
(For the full article, see "Recovering Bush Fiends: Withdrawing from a Dope is a Bitch" by Mark Drolette)

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i'm certainly tired of W.