Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Battle of Little Big Bush"

Yesterday, as I was trying to catch up on reading what I've missed online for the last few months, I noticed a reference to General Custer. Of course, for the life of me, I cannot find the webpage that I saw it on... but it made a reference to the fact that neither Custer or Bush had an "exit plan"... and look what happened to Custer's men.

That's what I wanted to post about this afternoon, but after searching, I still can't find where I read it yesterday!

However, I did find the following and hope folks read the whole article... FEEDBACK welcome!

Before the coming of George Bush and his shadow president Dick Cheney, the greatest military blunder in American History was thought to be Custer's Last Stand...
General George Custer was a man of towering ego and petty vanities who refused to listen to moderate voices that warned him of growing Indian unrest at Little Big Horn. He refused to listen to his own Indian scouts. Ring any bells?

It did not take a lot of hindsight to know that general Custer's vain assault on a much larger force of better-armed native Americans would come to no good end.

His own turncoat Indian scouts told him the encampment at Little Bighorn was far too large to be attacked. They were changing back into their native clothes en masse so as not to be associated with the white man.

But in his supreme arrogance Custer believed that HE knew better than his own best sources of intelligence. We all know the result of that one.

How uncanny are the parallels to the current situation in Iraq?

[Please read the complete article at the Radical Left... and pass it on...]

"There are so many good things happening here, Betty. I think we have gotten through to the savages and now they live in peace." wrote General Custer to his sister, Betty.

General Custer knew that the liberal media was focusing on all the bad things. He knew that a lot of good things were transpiring in and around the area of the Little Big Horn River. He fought til his dying days to bring out all the good things, and he fought the liberal media and their slanted message! "INDIANS!" was the last word General Custer spoke.

The liberal media had a field day with all the bad stuff that was happening. Why couldn't the liberal media report on all the good that General Custer and men were doing for the Indians at Little Big Horn?

I guess that just as today, the liberal media was too biased against conservative causes! I say, "Damn the liberals! We need more men like General George Custer!" [snipped from RepublicanPress...]

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