Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lead, follow, or get the f*** out of the way...

Across America, citizens are discussing the actions of the GOP representatives who must have fallen asleep last November and are still sleepwalking through legislation, blindly following the map of their dark prince and NOT listening to their constituents or making choices in the best interest of our military.

It started this morning over at DailyKos and continued after lunch... citizens who support the troops and have high expectations from our representatives... blogging all over the place!

Here in Idaho, Red State Rebels has linked to Idaho bloggers who are expressing their frustration with Mike Simpson's hypocrisy and poor record of supporting our military and our veterans.

Simpson conveniently issued a press release today, continuing his verbal commitment to fully fund the troops. Similar to his testimony before Congress on February 16, 2007, he reminds us:
"...the one thing we must not do is cut off funding for our troops. Americans will not stand for it as our Armed Servicemen and women deserve better.”

Idahoans, join me in reminding Rep. Simpson that the troops also deserve adequate armor and weaponry, responsible leadership from Congress, a defined mission and an EXIT PLAN, and appropriate resources when they come home!

Join me in reminding Simpson that as an elected Republican representative from the beginning of this war, he's had plenty of time and funding to provide for our troops and our veterans... and he's FAILED.

Join me in informing Simpson we will no longer allow him to continue representing Idaho like he has been. He needs to realize that America gave GOP four years to accomplish their mission in Iraq and they've failed to do so. This administration has failed our country and our military in oh-so-many ways...

Simpson's had his chance to lead... he now has two choices remaining... what's it going to be?

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