Monday, March 26, 2007

Letter to Crapo, Craig sent today

March 26, 2007

Dear Senator,

I'm writing to urge you to support the Defense supplemental bill that contains benchmarks and a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. As you might expect from me, I firmly believe that this bill does not do ENOUGH, however it still is critical as a first step toward getting us out of Iraq.

Across the country INCLUDING Idaho, it is obvious that “we the people” are in support of a timely withdrawal from Iraq. It is my understanding that this bill utilizes President Bush's own benchmarks to determine when or if we start redeploying.

I realize that over the years you have been committed to following your party line and have supported President Bush through your past legislative votes—but at some point in time, you need to recognize that your obligation to the citizens of Idaho and America should take precedence over the GOP expectations. Even Sen. Hagel has realized that changes must be made by stating on ABC’s This Week: "I will not continue to support with my vote the status quo.”

You and your fellow Republicans need to see how badly change is needed. You need to support this bill. Do NOT remove the deadlines from the bill. Even though I (and many others) would prefer stronger and earlier deadlines to be established, I am willing to compromise AT THIS TIME. I hope you are willing to compromise as well with this bill so we can begin to move forward.

As you know, I oppose the war in Iraq. I oppose any and all funding to continue the war -- although I support funding to properly arm, protect and train our currently deployed troops. I understand that demanding all or nothing isn't going to end the war, or get any troops home. This bill is a first step in the process to ending the war. There is a long-term strategy at work here and I realize that getting every single thing I want isn't possible. TOGETHER, we must reach a compromise.

This should not be about being a Republican or a Democrat.

This should not be about personal pet projects or campaign fund-raising.

This should not be about re-elections.

This should not be about ego or power or “who supports the troops more” arguments.

This is about acknowledging the reality of the situation.

This is about recognizing what needs to be done and doing it.

This is about listening to the people across America and responding to their cries.

This is about supporting a bill that contains benchmarks and a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq.


wiseoldgranny said...

I saw the funniest thing on CNN, today. Mc Cain was on Wolf Blitzer and told him that he had better get updated, that there were streets in Bagdad that you can walk around in, without worrying.
That General Petreas walks around some streets without armor.

Right after after that interview, Wolf talked to their reporter in Bagdad. He told him what Mc Cain had just said and asked him if it was true. The reporter looked absolutely shocked and said that Mc Cain needed to be updated. "you hear all of those helicopters? Well that is a fire fight going on right now. There is no place in Bagdad that you can safely walk around. When Petreas goes out he is surrounded with tanks and lots of soldiers. No one would try that here."

Wolf then asked him, " Well, is there anyplace you can go inside, like a restaurant, to sit down and have a meal?"

The reporter, again, looked incredulous, and said, after stammering 'in a word, NO!'

I laughed out loud. Doubt if we will see that 'exchange', again.

Also they are saying that there are some success, 'it's working'.

Reported, last night, on INN Report, about 250 dead civilians found Sat. and Sun., 7 American troops, and God only knows, how many Iraqis in the rest of Iraq.

Yes, the surge is working. Just as well as the last 3 surges in Baghdad.....not at all.

GDAEman said...

Great comment wise old granny. I don't watch much TV (tho my girlfriend bought me a 32-inch one for X-mas). Thanks for the great CNN snippet.

Anonymous said...

Diana-I can't wait to get back to this-however I looked up some info about the 10th Mountain Infantry Division. During 2006; candiate George Bush claimed the 10th mountain division was not ready because they had been deployed so many times. Funny, because this will be their 5th deployment-third in Iraq I believe. They and the 4th Infantry were featured as facing their third deployment in Iraq. Anyway, I think this will be the basis for another letter to the editor.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- year is 2000 not 2006.