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Larry Grant endorses Senator Obama for President

January 31, 2008

FRUITLAND – Larry Grant, Democratic candidate for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, announced today he is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for President.
In his letter to Senator Obama informing him of the endorsement, Grant said, “Having followed your campaign with growing admiration, I believe that you are the candidate best qualified to lead America in the coming years.”
Obama is scheduled for a campaign appearance in Boise Saturday, three days before the state’s Democrats hold their presidential caucus as part of “Super Tuesday” on February 5th.
Grant thanked Senator Obama for including Idaho in his campaign. “I ran for Congress in Idaho in 2006 and am doing so again in 2008. I can assure you that the people of Idaho are drawn to your message of hope and are excited about your upcoming visit.”
Grant said he is endorsing Senator Obama because he “embodies the new political ethic that we need in this country. He is doing on a national basis what we started in 2006 and are continuing to do in this campaign, which is getting people involved on a local basis.
“People are asking for change. They aren’t happy with the old style of politics,” Grant said. “Obama represents the idea that working together, we can restore America, that people can come together to solve the problems we face and not use them to divide us for partisan gain or to advance a narrow personal agenda.”

Contact: Don Rosebrock
Communications Director
Grant for Congress

Larry Grant

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