Monday, February 11, 2008

Why the waving of the flag doesn't impress me anymore...

It breaks my heart... I feel like I'm letting down people who I respect and admire deeply... but I can't stand the hypocrisy anymore...

"Support the troops" means "sacrifice more Americans"...
"God is on our side" means "I don't care if the government lied..."
"Look, I am wearing a flag pin!" means "I don't have to do anything else!"
"I'm a Republican" means "My head is up my tailpipe and I don't have to pay attention!"

Is anybody paying attention??? Idahoans don't seem to give a rat's ass about our Congressmen and how they FAIL to support our veterans...

Good grief, Senator Larry Craig (formerly Chair of Veterans Affairs) was given consistently FAILING grades by various veterans' associations for the past ten years... did anybody notice?? NO! As long as he was a Republican, Idaho trusted him... as offensive as his betrayal to our veterans should have been, people supported him... until he started playing footsie in a mens' restroom!

And now... their President who shall only be spoken of in reverent tones (or one shall be not "supporting our troops" or is "unAmerican") has committed yet another betrayal to the men and women who are risking their lives for his war...

During the State of the Union, to thunderous applause, Bush fed out more BS to America by stating that:
"Our military families serve our nation,
they inspire our nation,
and tonight our nation honors them

That would be wonderful... IF HE ACTUALLY MEANT IT!!

He said that in reference to his proposal to allow our military men and women the ability to transfer their unused educational benefits to their family members.

Does anybody care that he neglected to include it in the budget he sent to Congress? How about a press conference where he can explain this to America, okay?? (He can add it to his explanation of all of the lies, where is bin Laden, and how does he define "Mission Accomplished" today.)

May I suggest that you contact your representives and ask them "WTF?"

No, don't do that...
Just ask them if how they plan on addressing this issue... if at all.
If you are an Idahoan, you know you're just going through the motions... but do it anyway!! Save their response letter for their next campaign!

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Hardy Haberman said...

Glad to see I am not alone when I find the double-speak of Washington so amazing. Sometimes I think Barnum was right!