Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Be counted!

The Coeur d'Alene Press is running a poll on the governor's race. I hope that everyone of intelligence (I know, it's a snide comment but STILL!!) will go to that site and be "counted".

Yes, Idaho is known as a "red" state but I truly believe that there are more of us out here than people think. We need to start speaking up and out! Right now, it seems that we are doing pretty well via blogs and e-mails but can Joe Citizen really hear us from our computers?

Place your vote at the "poll" and let Idaho citizens know that we are not willing to sit back and shut up any longer... and invite others to speak up also!

Poll status as of 2/22/06, 10:50PM:
Republican Butch Otter 51.2%
Democrat Jerry Brady 43.4%
Neither 5.4%
Total Votes: 3155

UPDATED Poll status as of 2/22/06, 3:40PM
Republican Butch Otter 51.4%
Democrat Jerry Brady 43.5%
Neither 5.1%
Total Votes: 3459

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