Monday, February 13, 2006

Bumper Stickers

I needed a chuckle! I checked out Peter Hansen's website today (I haven't been there for a while and needed to catch up) and found a great link. The title alone made me laugh (and cry!):

"Of Course It Hurts;
You are Being Screwed
by an Elephant"
Needless to say, I had to look into it! I discovered that the link refers to bumper stickers and how someone once said, "if you are going to get an idea across to Americans, it has to fit on a bumper sticker."

Unfortunately, I believe that to be true... that is the only way I can comprehend how so many Americans still think that my brother died to keep America free, to save us from terrorists, and as revenge for 9/11. (If you didn't know, my brother was killed in IRAQ... not Afghanistan.) Bush cannot say anything sensibly using words that aren't printed in "My Pet Goat", so he doesn't have to work hard at "dumbing it down" for the general population of Americans. And they slurp it up like Jell-O pudding. No chewing required.

But, anyway, back to Bumper Stickers... despite the critical words I said above, there are still bumper stickers that make me laugh! I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!! (And if you like bumper stickers, you can even buy a book called "Actions Speak Louder Than Bumper Stickers"!)
Slower Minds Keep Right
Police State:
Coming Soon to a Democracy Near You
My Kid is an Honor Student;
My President is a Moron.
Paris for President!
(She's smarter than Bush.)
The righteous were wrong
in Jesus' time, too.
Jesus was a liberal.
Now, what was your point?
GOP does not spell GOD.
Don't Blame Me!
I didn't vote for his father either.
Never underestimate the power
of stupid people in large groups.
Doing my part to piss off the radical right.
What exactly are the conservatives
Democrat by the grace of God.

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