Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Please continue to speak up!

Last Minute Message about the House Environment Energy and Technology committee hearing on the Moratorium Bill (H689) on March 2nd.

From Peter Remmen of Coalition for Healthy Idaho Communities :

It is critically important that people throughout the State of Idaho - not just in the Magic Valley - know about the dangers of coal-fired power plants. Please call your Idaho friends and relatives right away who live outside of Magic Valley and tell them that the Moratorium Bill is crucial to the welfare of this state. Ask them to call or e-mail their legislators right away to tell them Idaho isn’t ready for coal-fired plants. In particular, lawmakers who sit on the House Environment, Energy and Technology Committee must hear about this by Thursday, March 2. There are several coal-fired plant proposals in the works all across southern Idaho. Idaho is one of only a couple of states that doesn’t have the pollution of coal-fired plants, and that is a good thing. We are the third fastest growing state in the nation, and clean air and water are part of the reason. To guarantee we don’t lose this battle, we have to have input from all over this state. You’ve done a great job in letting legislators know that Magic Valley isn’t ready for this. Now, let’s make sure lawmakers from the rest of this state hear from their own constituencies that they must support a moratorium.

If you haven't already done so, please contact the House Environment, Energy and Technology Committee through email and express your opposition to coal-fired power plants in Idaho. Go to the legislature's website above and select "How to Contact Legislators". Then procede to select the House Environment, Energy and Technology committee, and send an email to the entire committe on the form provided.

Also, don't forget to continue to write a Letter to the Editor every month - particularly to the Times-News and to The Statesman. There should be letters oppositing Sempra in every day's paper. We don't want to drop the ball here after spending so much time and energy getting the public's attention. And FINALLY, keep obtaining signatures on the petitions that are circulating around the Magic Valley.

For more information and contact links for legislators, county commissioners, and newspapers, go to Coalition for Healthy Idaho Communities.
(Guess we just don't have enough money invested in our legislators to earn our right to be heard??)
The air and water you save will be your own!

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