Monday, February 13, 2006

Drink Liberally!

One of my frustrations about being blue in a red state is the lack of people who I can talk to...

I get most of my interaction with other blues via e-mail and blogs, such as this one and Red State Rebels and the others on the list along the right side of your screen. (Under Idaho Dems: UNITE! )

I just learned about a group in Boise that sounded like fun. It's called "Drinking Liberally". As I looked into it, I realized it is a NATIONAL organization. Basically, people get together to have a drink and discuss liberal thoughts, concerns, and issues.

For the folks who live in my area... what do you think? Would you be interested? Do you think we could get one started? I was thinking that we could meet at Rowdy's on Thursday nights and have a pop or a beer? Even though some of the groups I looked into really do drink, too many of us around here don't, so I wasn't crazy about the name... but I think that we can live with it, especially since we would then have the support and identification of the national organization. It's not like anybody is going to FORCE you to drink alcohol!! Tell me what you think!!

As for those of you who live elsewhere, I included a link for starting your OWN chapter over on the right as well! (Under TAKE ACTION)

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