Friday, February 24, 2006

Six Degrees of Separation isn't enough

More of my head scratching...

Yes, I realize that it is a small world and getting smaller every day, but still! I am especially aware of how difficult it can be to separate friends/family from our businesses in small "worlds". I live in a small community which can have married couples, brothers, parent and child, buddies, etc. involved in conflicting interests which arise from their service or employment in city government or school districts, and so on. I realize that even going to the doctor may mean that you will see your mother-in-law's best friend... which means that whatever you tell the doctor may get back to the in-laws no matter what "confidentiality expectations" you may have. When you live in a rural area, this is to be expected. We do the best we can to prevent conflicts of interest, favoritism, and nepotism--but it does exist.

Knowing all this and accepting the reality of it does NOT mean that I can stomach all of the Bush connections related to Iraq, the elections, government positions, Halliburton, and so on. I am stunned at how Bush could place Mike Brown as head of FEMA and how he could even consider Harriet Meyers for the Supreme Court (didn't he learn anything from the Katrina fiasco?). The only real qualifications they had is that they supported Bush (think "Kool Aid"). And now, the Port Authority situation... we are being called paranoid if we question the wisdom of this act?? The links between Bush and UAE have concerned me greatly... they have long family and money ties and somehow have never been held accountable for their involvement in 9/11. Our citizens have been so numb that they think that Iraq and Saddam were responsible for 9/11 but don't even realize the connection between UAE and that terrorist attack! How dumb can we be? We've let this slide for almost FIVE years now... of COURSE, Bush thinks he can get away with it... how have we shown him any differently?

This administration is in bed with each other and with other wealthy powerbrokers. This paves the way for tyranny and protects them from the consequences of their actions. Check out the article posted at 43rd State Blues. Whether it is a hunting accident or a war that kills thousands or putting America's security at risk or a director incapable of directing his way out of a paper bag, these incestuous relationships are not acceptable and MUST be stopped.

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