Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First graders working 40-hour weeks...

Yeah, it's a stretch but think about it... think about how much debt we are giving our children and grandchildren. Doesn't it make you sick? Aren't we a product of a generation who tried to make our lives better and richer? And here we are... putting our children in debt before they even enter junior high.

Find out more by reading about Bush's favorite tax - The Birth Tax:

How is the overspending by the Bush administration any different than recklessly using a credit card?

Simple, with a credit card you have a spending limit, monthly payments and you can't pass the debt on to your grandchildren.

The debt of today will be passed on to the unborn generations to come. We have, in essence, a Tax the Children Plan.

How much do new babies owe the Federal government? American children are born into our society already owing the government tens of thousands of dollars.

Find out MUCH more at
Birth Tax.

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