Sunday, December 10, 2006

Speak up via letters to the editor...

My opinion: posting on our blogs reaches those of us who are online and already familiar with our concerns. Writing "letters to the editor" for our regional papers can reach those without awareness and those without computer access. Yes, it makes us a bit more "public" but isn't that where we need to be?

If you aren't currently writing letters, please start!

Here are some publications to begin with...
Times News
Idaho Statesman
Glenns Ferry Gazette
Idaho Mountain Express
Lincoln County Journal
Wood River Journal
Gooding County Leader
Mountain Home News
Minidoka County News
Northside News
South Idaho Press
Owyhee Avalanche

For other locations (throughout the rest of Idaho and the United States), you can pop on over to American Friends Service Committee. They have a great set up to write letters to multiple publications, based upon the zipcode you provide. They provide a sample letter (based upon another issue) but you can write whatever letter you want to write.

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