Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Luna story disputed...

Letter to the editor in the Times-News, 12/20/2006:

Source disputes reporting in story about Luna

Over the last 25 years, I have been deeply involved in education policy and politics in federal and state government, as well as the corporate, non-profit and university sectors.

During this time, I have had hundreds of opportunities to work with the media in all forms. I have had great respect for the media, as reporters have generally reported facts in an honest and straightforward manner. Unfortunately, an Associated Press story by Jesse Harlan Alderman is a stunning exception.

The story, about Superintendent-elect Tom Luna is sloppy, slanted and much ado about nothing.Simply put, there has never, ever been any question that Tom Luna was a political appointee, serving President Bush and Secretary Paige at the U.S. Department of Education. Tom's capsulation of his work in Washington, D.C., has been accurate to the letter.

Mr. Alderman misrepresents my statements in order to support his faulty premise that Luna "embellished" his resume and "misrepresented his position" with the department.

Mr. Alderman's premise is tenuous at best. Even he acknowledged he was "splitting hairs."Tom Luna is a man of integrity, and until today, that integrity has never been questioned. In fact, Tom's work at the department was stellar. He represented Secretary Paige and President Bush with honor and distinction.

The voters of Idaho have spoken, and they are anxious to let Tom get to work improving student achievement for Idaho's children.

Mr. Alderman and the Associated Press owe Tom a formal apology.

Washington, D.C.

(Editor's note: William D. Hansen, a former U.S. deputy Secretary of Education, is the senior managing director for Chartwell Education Group LLC in Washington, D.C.)

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