Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello? Is this Mrs. Parker of Malad, Idaho? We need to talk!

Don't blame the war lobby
Who lost Iraq? Was it the keyboard warriors of the patriotsphere, the cocktail generals of the punditocracy, the courageous sycophants in Congress, or the bold and resolute Caligula from Crawford?

"None of the above," shout Kondracke, Kurtz, and Jacobs, "it was the American people."

I received this from Caro @ Make Them Accountable. When I first read it, I misunderstood the point! My own opinion is that the tragedy of Iraq IS the fault of many Americans (and considering Idaho's Presidential approval rating, it made sense to include a senior citizen in Malad, Idaho) because we ALLOWED this war to continue without demanding honesty and accountability.

To the "Myrtles" of America... SHAME on you all...

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